Our Story

Our first three hives 

Video of Todd moving a swarm out of our lilac bush into a hive box

Meet Todd and Tina

T's Bees was started by three abandoned beehives. Todd is the beekeeper! He spent a lot of time reading and watching videos to learn how to take care of bees. To learn more he joined the local bee association and has taken the apprentice class, and shares his love of honey and bees with everyone! Tina has been blessed with really dry skin and has spent many hours reading and learning how to create skin loving products with natural ingredients mixed with flowers and bee made ingredients! We sell small quantities of honey and products at holiday bazaars, Wenatchee Natural Foods, Ye Olde Bookshoppe, farmers markets, and day tables at Pybus.

Picture slide of a few of our favorite pictures

T's Bees



Tina and Todd

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